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Welcome to the Better Part Motherhood Collective, the parenting + baby sleep resource that teaches you to tune into your unique instincts and rediscover the joy and peace that comes along with mothering from the heart.

We know that there is a lot of pressure, noise, and expectation to navigate as a mother in our modern world – and a lot of it leaves you feeling overwhelmed and confused. With our attachment-focused and evidence based approach, you'll receive the coaching, education, and community support that you need in order to tune into your unique gifts & instincts as a mother. Because you are the expert, mama, and you have everything your little one needs to thrive. 

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There you are, in the early days of motherhood. You love it, but you're also exhausted and desperate for some rest. Your friend, relative, or pediatrician recommended trying a sleep training method they used, so you decided to give it a shot. Now here you are, feeling ill as you listen to your baby scream for you in the next room. It makes your heart hurt, but this is the only way they’ll learn to sleep, right? 

Here at The Better Part, we know there is. With our knowledge of biologically normal infant sleep & development and our attachment-focused strategies, we work with you to find an approach to sleep that respects your baby's needs and encourages your instincts to take center stage. We don't rely on outdated methods or a one-size-fits-all approach, but rather focus on giving you the knowledge and tools you need to find the best solutions for your family's needs.

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But what if it wasn't? What if there's a better way?

1:1 Sleep Coaching


With world-class training and hands-on experience, we offer 1:1 sleep coaching & consulting packages where we walk with families to dive into the problems they're experiencing with their baby's sleep and find a solution that respects each person and works for their needs. We believe that you are the ultimate expert, so we approach our work with the goal of helping each family walk away confident in your ability to help your baby get good sleep.

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Guides & Courses

We believe that knowledge is power, and that every parent has the right to all of the information about how normal infant sleep looks. With our guides and courses, you'll learn what is normal vs what might be causing sleep problems and walk away with tools to help you find a gentle and holistic approach to sleep that works.

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There's a lot of conflicting advice out there, and a lot of it leaves you feeling frustrated and disconnected. We don't want to be just another source of noise - we want to be a resource that give you confidence in your ability as a parent and that promotes a deep and secure bond of love and attachment between you and your baby. So our blog is full of information on how to approach every aspect of parenting with that in mind.

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Lover of oatmeal creme pies, harry potter, reality tv, and of course Jesus

I'm Catie, a baby led sleep and well-being specialist, but more importantly, a mama who’s walked through all of this and discovered the life changing approach of holistic sleep & parenting.

When I entered into motherhood, I had no idea the kind of stretching I was walking into. I was anything but the gentle, patient mother that I wanted to be, the kind of mother I didn't have growing up. And my ideas of all of the things I was supposed to do in motherhood robbed me of the joy that comes with just being my son's mama. And the anxiety that came along with all of society's expectations for who and what my baby should be (easily able to breastfeed, sleeping through the night at 6 months, totally at ease being set down or put in his crib) made me feel like I was failing. That is, until I dove into learning about normal infant sleep and biology. Learning about why my son wanted to sleep close to me and how my own wounds triggered unexpected reactions to my son brought me a kind of peace and faith in Jesus' plan for my motherhood -- and started a passion in me for helping other mamas struggling with the same thing. And so The Better Part was born!

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Top resources

Sleep Associations Guide

A guide packed with information about sleep associations -- what they are, how to use them, and how they can help you!


5 Baby Sleep Myths

In this blog post, we debunk five of the most common baby sleep myths that are thrown around in our day.


Sleepy Cues

Learn all about sleepy cues -- what they are, why they're important to know, and tips for tuning into your baby's unique cues!

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Helping mamas tune into their instinct to           - and in the process, reclaim                    in motherhood

From sleep to discipline to play, how we respond to our kids matters - and we can live motherhood free of anxiety and second-guessing ourselves. Jesus has given you everything you need to be the mother you long to be - and we have the tools to help you tune into those instincts and unleash those gifts.

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