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Hi there! I’m Catie, a baby-led sleep and well being specialist and fierce mama bear.

I'm here to be a resource and friend for you as you walk the road of tuning into your God-given instincts as a mother.

here I was

I had finally reached the point I had longed for most of my life - I had my very own baby in my arms. 

But entering into motherhood turned out to be more stretching and challenging than I had anticipated. It turned out that trying to be a good mom while healing my own childhood trauma was going to require something different than the mainstream advice so common in our society. Through my journey, I discovered that my son didn't need my "doing" nearly as much as he needed my "being". And I quickly realized that the expectations we have of ourselves as mothers do nothing but rob us of the precise peace + joy our babies need to see in us in order to know that they are a gift. And the noise and advice that is so often geared toward putting our parenting decisions in the hands of “experts” and separating our babies from the place they really want to be (close to us) does nothing but rob us of our God-given instincts to be the real experts of our babies. 

a dream come true, but one that stretched me more than anything ever had

I found myself asking the question: what if there's another way?

What if we had all the tools we need inside of ourselves to be the expert for our babies? What if the way God made our bodies + our baby’s needs wasn’t a mistake or an inconvenience but an invitation to more than the world offers in motherhood? What if my instincts and the little tugs I felt when it came to my baby weren’t something to ignore but a guide for how to give my child the best foundation for a lifetime of security and love?

If all of that was true, then maybe the stress and guilt and overwhelm that I found myself carrying weren’t a part of the original plan. And maybe, just maybe, I could leave those behind and find some way to reclaim the peace + joy that Jesus had to offer in the gift of motherhood. 

Of I could do that, and make a career out of helping other mamas to discover that same freedom? Freaking sign me up, baby!!

And so The Better Part was born. 

Here, I combine my expertise as a baby led sleep and well-being specialist (and the certifications and education I’ll continue to seek) with my experience as a mom, wife, friend, and believer. My vision is to help you, Mama, by giving you the tools and support you need to tune into your instincts and parent from the heart Jesus gave you. 

Top: my beautiful family.
Left: Lewis - the most life changing gift.
Right: motherhood - a love like nothing I've ever known


Catie is the founder of The Better Part Motherhood Collective. She loves Jesus + psychology and learning about biologically normal infant sleep, child development, and attachment theory. She hopes to be known for being a resource that helps mamas rediscover the joy of motherhood.




I want a lot of kids - and I'm currently trying to talk my husband into a home birth next.


I'm an avid reader of fiction and nonfiction alike and can devour a book in hours.


I love Harry Potter so much that the TikTok algorithm knows what to deliver on my FYP.


I still wear skinny jeans and side part my hair and use the cry-laugh emoji. Suck it, Gen Z. 

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Favorite indulgence

Taco Bell

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Meghan Markle or Celine Dion

Guilty pleasure

Bravo TV

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Event Planner

favorite place i've been:

Austria, where I studied abroad in college

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Strawberry Margarita

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Essential Oils

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Oatmeal Creme Pies & Blue Powerade. Idk either.

beach vs mountains

Beach, beach, baby

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Currently, Ted Lasso

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