$250 or $400 (+tax)

In this email-focused package, you'll have access to daily support for two weeks without having to schedule a zoom call. 

• Detailed review and assessment of of in depth intake form, sleep log, and feeding chart
• Personalized sleep advice/plan to follow
• Access/recommendations for any resources mentioned
• Daily email check in for two or four weeks (M-F) to answer questions and make recommendations
• Option to add 30 or 60 minute calls at any point for a discounted rate

This package is for you if:

Email Support Package

  • zoom calls aren't your thing or you don't want to deal with the hassle of scheduling
  • you just need help with a couple of issues, not something super in depth
  • you need some help figuring out your baby's sleep patterns
  • you want a second opinion/glance on your baby's sleep but feel confident making changes with minimal interference.

Four Week Option ($400)

Two Week Option ($250)